Amino Acid Face Wash Cleanser, pH Balanced, Oil-Free, 10oz. l Made in Japan

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 Net Wt.: 10.1 oz 300mL
Amount good for: approx.3 months
 County of origin: Made in Japan
Suitable for: Sensitive skin, oily Skin, dry Skin, combination skin, problem skin (adult acne and breakouts)
・prevents adult acne and breakouts
・controls excess oil
・softens rough skin
・non-comedogenic, prevents blackheads
・minimizes pores, improves skin texture
・skin brightening
・treats pigmentation around the nose area
※perceived effects may vary across users

▶ Product Description
This oil-free cleanser combines makeup removal and cleansing into a single step, leaving your skin feeling refreshed after every wash. While conventional cleansers strip tend to stress the skin by “melting off” dirt and makeup using petroleum-based synthetic surfactants, the Amino Acid Facial Cleanser works to gently “lift” only dirt and dead skin cells, leaving the skin underneath undamaged. This Ph9.2 alkalescent cleanser softens skin, regulating turnover. Moreover, its alkaline-neutralizing capacity brings out the skin’s natural moisturizing properties. As hydration comes from deep within, it halts secretion of excess face oil. Continued usage will restore natural skin barrier functions, eliminating skin dullness.

<Amino Acid Micro-emulsion>
Using a method similar to sake brewing, amino acid extracts are meticulously kneaded over flame in small quantities and are carefully aged for a period of 3 months.

▶ Safety
This product is manufactured by a Japanese cosmetics company with a Cosmetics Manufacturing and Sales Business License. Ingredients have been tested as hypoallergenic. *Not guaranteed as completely irritant-free for all customers.

▶ How to Use
Dispense one to two pumps of the Amino Acid Facial Cleanser into the palms of your hand and apply gently onto a dry face. Generously spread over porous areas prone to clogging, such as the area around the nose and the T-zone. Gently massage with fingers over closed eyes when removing eye makeup. Leave on the skin for more than one minute until the dirt and makeup has lifted off. Rinse with lukewarm water, and gently pat dry with a towel. Recommended for daily use in the morning and at night. As the Amino Acid Cleanser works only where it is applied, make sure not to leave out areas prone to whiteheads and blackheads, such as the top of the forehead and the temples.

▶ Caution
Do not use this product if you use steroids. In rare occasions, the cleanser may tingle if used on problem areas and skin severely damaged from repetitive use of peeling agents and scrubbing cleansers. In such cases, dilute the Amino Acid Facial Cleanser with water and use it for 2 to 3 days, leaving it on the skin for no longer than 30 seconds before rinsing. By continuously using this product for a few days, its alkaline-neutralizing capacity will bring healthy skin back. Although Amino Acid Facial Cleanser stings when it gets into the eyes, it should not pose any problem as it is not hazardous. Rinse gently with water if the product gets into the eyes. This product is sensitive to temperature changes and bacteria. Avoid storing under direct sunlight, in places with high temperature and humidity, and areas where temperature changes are extreme.

▶ About the Manufacturer
Founded by one of very few amino acid researchers in Japan, Patra is a Japanese cosmetics manufacturer with over 40 years of involvement in amino acid cosmetics. Their unique philosophy and Japanese beauty methods behind our dermatologist recommended products, which emphasizes activating your skin’s natural regenerative properties, have been officially recognized as Immunity Beauty at Japanese Society of Aesthetic Dermatology and American Academy of Dermatology.


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8 reviews for Amino Acid Face Wash Cleanser, pH Balanced, Oil-Free, 10oz. l Made in Japan

  1. Masako Baba

    My skin used to get oily and my make up was always messed up by noon. I tried a lot of different foundations and lotions, but it only stopped getting oily since I started using this facial cleanser.

  2. Mai Nakao

    My skin feels like I’ve just come out of a hot spring, and make-up goes on really smoothly! The All-in-One Gel also makes my skin feel great. This is amazing!

  3. Jennifer Yao

    I never post reviews but I am IN LOVE with this product!! I felt a difference immediately after washing my face. My skin became surprisingly moist, supple, and soft!! I actually just bought another cleansing balm the other day, but I really don’t think I can stop getting used to this. Highly recommend!

  4. Lindsay Miller

    My face used to transform into an oil slick right after I put on my makeup, but I realized it doesn’t get as oily and greasy anymore…meaning my makeup stays put for longer and I can last until evening without having to touchup! :DD

  5. melanie scarleth

    Let me start by saying I’m a lady in her late 30’s who’s been battling pimples and acne since puberty. Used to have to make trips to the dermatologists every month to receive my Differin Gel gel prescription, but I’m happy to announce that the trips are now over. There’s been a real change in my skin, and I am no longer struggling with acne. Thanks ladies, this cleanser is a real life-changer!

  6. Yee Mei Lim

    Friends tell me my face is brighter, I’ve been using a lighter coverage liquid foundation, and I’m feeling a lot more confident on a girls’ night out. Plus can I mention how good it feels to not have to wash my face twice a day?


    I suffer from extremely sensitive skin, so sensitive that I experience pain when washing my face with cleansing oil. However, for the first time in my life, I may have finally found a facial cleanser that doesn’t hurt my skin.

  8. Pensri K.

    Pore suction, remover tools, and charcoal face masks, I’ve tried it all. Nothing worked on removing those stubborn blackheads from my nose until I found this. My face as a whole also feels clearer and brighter.

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