Curly Hair Cleanser, Sulfate-Free, Silicone-Free 7oz. l Made in Japan

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Net Wt.: 7 oz 200g
Amount good for: approx. 2 months if used twice a week
 County of origin: Made in Japan
Suitable for: Curly Hair, frizzy Hair
・high antioxidant natural oils
・hydrolytic silk moisturizer
・rooibos extract boasting strong deodorizing and moisturizing power
・metabolism boosting fruit extracts
・5 plant-derived oils (orange, geranium, camphor, rosemary, and frankincense)
Effective for:
・damaged and dry curly or frizzy hair
・dry scalp(incl. dandruff, itchiness)
・oily scalp
※perceived effects may vary across users

▶ Product Description
N Brand is light and rinses out smoothly with a refreshing scent of orange, geranium, camphor, rosemary, and frankincense. N Brand is also intensely moisturizing for the scalp and is full of minerals to keep your hair healthy between trips to the salon.

A best seller with curly haired clients, this cream cleanser is exclusively formulated for natural curls. Commercially available shampoo that lathers well tends to be too harsh, resulting in problems with dryness such as dry and frizzy hair and flaky itchy scalp – all caused by a single wash stripping away the oil, moisture, and protein necessary for a hearty and healthy scalp.

Developed by curly hair specialists, N Brand presents an innovative twist to shampooing with the introduction of its cream-based hair cleanser. Containing only environmentally friendly botanical ingredients, it lifts and washes off only the oil and dirt from the scalp, regenerating the scalp by regulating its cell turnover cycle.

The cleanser is packed with high antioxidant natural oils, hydrolytic silk moisturizer, rooibos extract boasting strong deodorizing and moisturizing power, and metabolism boosting fruit extracts. The 4 active ingredients and 5 plant-derived oils not just promote relaxation, but also possess antibacterial properties, balancing oil secretion, enhancing circulation, and promoting hair growth.

▶ Safety
100% FREE of sulfate, petroleum, silicon, alcohol, artificial coloring, and synthetic perfumes. Safe for both children and adults.

▶ How to Use
Wet scalp thoroughly with warm water, squeeze product into the palm of your hand, and apply onto hair and scalp. Massage scalp in a circular motion to relieve tension (repeat 3 times), adding small amounts of warm water onto the scalp to distribute the cream cleanser from root to ends. When your hair feels softer to the touch, rinse thoroughly while continuing to massage hair and scalp with your fingers.

▶ About the Manufacturer
With locations in both San Francisco and Tokyo Nepenji Hair Salon is a favorite amongst international customers and is run by a female owner who specializes in producing curly hair products. Previously a stylist at DevaCurl Devachan Hair Salon in New York, she now solves problems of her diverse domestic and international clientele as a curly hair specialist, oftentimes pulling them out of hair styling ruts.


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4 reviews for Curly Hair Cleanser, Sulfate-Free, Silicone-Free 7oz. l Made in Japan

  1. Emilie

    I have been using this product for over a year, and I could not be happier. My hair is between curly and wavy, and my hair and scalp tend to be dry. Since using N Brand, my hair is amazingly silky and soft, and my scalp is so healthy. My hair has never felt or looked better – it is soft and shiny, and never weighed down with any residue. Also, since you don’t need to use very much, the large bottle lasts for a very long time. I am so thankful to be able to have this product shipped to the US, because I never want to use anything else.

  2. Joanna Sandburg

    My scalp tends to get sticky and doesn’t smell nice in the evening. I am using male menthol shampoo to help freshen it, but it makes my already dry hair frizzy. Using this cleanser on scalp and hair by massaging with a shampoo brush, and then rinsing it after a little while helps refresh my scalp. It keeps my hair moisturized. Thank you for introducing such a wonderful product!

  3. Lisa Garner

    I don’t have to stress over shampooing because my curl is no longer dry nor tangled since I started using N Brand!

  4. Belinda T.

    I used to bring famous brand shampoo from America that matches my hair texture, but I changed to this product because it works well with my curly hair.

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