Medical Bicarbonate Acid Bathing Tablets l Made in Japan

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▶ Contains:30 tablets
▶ Amount good for:15 baths
▶ Country of origin:Made in Japan
▶ Alleviates:
・stiff shoulders
・poor circulation
・poor circulation before/after childbirth
・irritated/chapped skin
・pimples and rashes
※perceived effects may vary across users

▶ Product Description
Created from a unique fusion of “sodium bicarbonate” and “citric acid”, medicated bath additive Hot Tab allows you to enjoy bicarbonate bathing in the comfort of your own home.

Categorized as a quasi-drug, it works effectively to alleviate 17 common ailments, including but not limited to stiff shoulders, poor circulation, and irritated skin. Active ingredients effectively heat up the body, enhancing blood flow and improving circulation. Increase your metabolism and warm your body from the core with just a soak in the bath.

With a Hot Tab dissolved, the pH of bath water becomes neutral. The bath is then mild to the skin, gently washing away dirt from stubborn clogged pores and hair thanks to the cleansing properties of citric acid and bicarbonate ion.

Fragrance-free and color-free, enjoy soft bath water akin to that of Japanese hot springs gently caressing your skin.

▶ Safety
Developed by a Japanese manufacturer, the Hot tab is certified as a “Quasi-drug” by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare of Japan. “Quasi-drugs” fall in a category between “drugs” and “cosmetics” and, while not as strong as drugs, include certain amount of active ingredients that have been proven to improve certain ailments and conditions.  ※Effects and safety not guaranteed across users.

▶ Caution
・Do not blend with other bath additives.
・Consult a doctor prior to usage if you have skin or health problems.
・Immediately discontinue use and seek medical consultation if unusual rashes, redness, itchiness, and/or irritation occur after usage.
・As the tablet produces inorganic salt, do not use leftover bath water to water plants.

▶ How to Use
Dissolve 2 to 3 tablets in warm bath water under 41°C. As improvement in circulation will occur only after 10 minutes of soaking, a relaxing bath-time of over 15 minutes is recommended. Since the bicarbonate effects can last for up to 24 hours, the bath can be enjoyed many times through reheating and may be used for washing hair and face without any problems.

▶ About the Manufacturer
Developed following thorough analysis of naturally carbonated spring waters in Germany and Nagayu hot spring in Oita, Japan, the company employed patented technology to create a carbon dioxide generating tablet that transforms bath water into the same neutral pH as naturally carbonated spring water by compressing “bicarbonate sodium” and “organic acid”. Upon contact with water, the neutralized reactions of bicarbonate and acidic ion with hydrogen enable bath water to fizz until the very end. The resulting “HOT Tab”, with its beautifying and warming properties, is Japan’s very first bicarbonate ion bath tablet.


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