Amino Acid pH Balancing Moisturizer 17oz. l Made in Japan

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 Net Wt.:16.9 oz 500mL
Amount good for:approx. 4-5 months
 Country of origin:Made in Japan
Suitable for:Dry and Sensitive Skin
・does not leave skin feeling tight
・soothes itchy dry skin
・softens rough skin
・skin brightening
・can be used as a face massage oil
※perceived effects may vary across users

▶ Product Description
Our skin consists of 4 main layers or barriers – “stratum corneum”, “epidermis”, “dermis”, and the “hypodermis” – that need to be well conditioned to preserve its function. The skin’s barrier function prevents excessive moisture evaporation while protecting the body from exterior irritants. Excessive use of cosmetics and skin care can damage the barrier function, disrupting the skin’s 28-day turnover cycle, and result in sensitive and dry skin.

This Amino Acid Moisturizer contains naturally-derived amino acid and plant extracts which are gentle to the skin, with alkalescent qualities that work to soften the skin. Its alkaline-neutralizing capacity brings out the skin’s natural moisturizing properties. As hydration comes from deep within, continued usage of this moisturizer will bring out the natural functions of the skin, nourishing dry skin from the inside out.

▶ Safety
This product is manufactured by a Japanese cosmetics company with a Cosmetics Manufacturing and Sales Business License. Ingredients have been tested as hypoallergenic. *Not guaranteed as completely irritant-free for all customers.

▶ How to Use
Wash face with Amino Acid Facial Cleanser, and apply a layer of the Amino Acid Moisturizer over the entire face. Gently press the area around the opening, using a little at a time. Pressing on the pouch strongly may squeeze out too much product.

▶ About the Manufacturer
Founded by one of very few amino acid researchers in Japan, Patra is a Japanese cosmetics manufacturer with over 40 years of involvement in amino acid cosmetics. Their unique philosophy and Japanese beauty methods behind our dermatologist recommended products, which emphasizes activating your skin’s natural regenerative properties, have been officially recognized as Immunity Beauty at Japanese Society of Aesthetic Dermatology and American Academy of Dermatology.

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1 review for Amino Acid pH Balancing Moisturizer 17oz. l Made in Japan

  1. Renee Fisher

    I have had trouble with dry skin for as long as I can remember, but this gel really does one hell of a job at hydration. The texture may feel a little heavy in the beginning, but, trust me, give it some time and your skin will soak up all its deep moisturizing goodness. 😉

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