Silicone-Free Natural Hair Treatment 17oz. l Made in Japan

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 Net Wt.: 16.9 oz 500mL
▶ Amount good for: approx.3 months
 Suitable for: Hair loss, thin Hair, hair Fall, dandruff, itchy scalp, dry hair
 County of origin: Made in Japan
▶ Benefits:
・improves hair strength, resilience, and body
・boosts hair elasticity for an airy and voluminous finish
・makes hair silky smooth
・promotes natural shine
※perceived effects may vary across users

▶ Product Description
Silicones used in commercial products are oftentimes high-molecular polymers that only protect your hair’s surface. As high-molecular polymers artificially coat the damage beneath, hair appears to be shiny. However, prolonged use may result in build-up in both hair and scalp, resulting in clogged pores that may lead to serious scalp problems.

Silicone-free products treat damaged hair by naturally strengthening hair from the inside out. Gentle to both hair and scalp, these products are recommended for those interested in maintaining hair well-being.

Containing moisturizing ingredients, natural oils, and plant extracts that protect against scalp damage, this silicone-free hair treatment will leave hair feeling smooth and airy-light. Continued usage will improve overall volume, restoring hair to its original natural shine.

▶ Safety
This product is manufactured by a Japanese cosmetics company with a Cosmetics Manufacturing and Sales Business License. Ingredients have been tested as hypoallergenic. *Not guaranteed as completely irritant-free for all customers.

▶ How to Use
Shampoo your hair with Patra Amino Acid Hair Volumizing Shampoo and thoroughly apply the hair treatment from root to tip. Leave the treatment on for a 5 minutes after application before rinsing.

▶ About the Manufacturer
Founded by one of very few amino acid researchers in Japan, Patra is a Japanese cosmetics manufacturer with over 40 years of involvement in amino acid cosmetics. Their unique philosophy and Japanese beauty methods behind our dermatologist recommended products, which emphasizes activating your skin’s natural regenerative properties, have been officially recognized as Immunity Beauty at Japanese Society of Aesthetic Dermatology and American Academy of Dermatology.

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3 reviews for Silicone-Free Natural Hair Treatment 17oz. l Made in Japan

  1. Emilie F.

    It works! My dandruff went away after using this product for two weeks. Think it also did away with the itchiness in my scalp.

  2. Erica Ooi

    I’ve been stressing out ever since my hair started thinning, but after trying out this shampoo and conditioner set, I have had more volume and can finally breathe a sigh of relief. My hair used to go flat no matter what hair products I put in it, but it now feels a lot healthier and I feel like it’s put a halt to the hair loss. Best decision ever, hope to see better results after prolonged use!

  3. Inessa Haustova

    Hair is smooth and shiny with just a little bit of blow drying, and it doesn’t get as dry and frizzy after coloring anymore. I love it because it feels a lot more effective than the hair growth shampoo I used to use.

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